Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Responsibilities and Achievements

2008 – 2009, capital project,ralph lauren polo shirts Pressure relief devices (PSV/PSE/PVRV)ralph lauren polo shirts design, scenarios study, sizing and selection, coordination and documentation, rating and verification, HAZOP recommendations close out, input to dispersion analysis and mechanical integrity program Lacoste Polo Shirts(MIP), procurement support,Lacoste Polo Shirts onsite flow-check, and disposal system support. 2007 – 2008, capital project, Pump, Control Valve, PCV and restricted orifice design, process hydraulic cases study and classification, critical elevation review, cheap nike shoespipe diameter review, hydraulic calculation and pump sizing, NPSH and H-Q curve, control valve sizing and rating, cheap nike shoesPCV/RO sizing and rating, coordination with LDI, align rating result with pressure relief valve, flow check, SOP/commissioning support, trouble shooting when commissioning.2007, capital project, Tank/vessel and insulation design, process design condition review, coordination with LDI, nozzle orientation and size review, level instruments review, equipment/pipe insulation specification review, fire-proof insulation specification review per pressure relief requirement.2008 – 2009, capital project, process safety door-keeper, process safety miscellaneous calculation and scenario study, reliable doer to close out HAZOP, which includes recommendations and miscellaneous actions assigned from process safety, dispersion model analysis input, loss prevention actions close out; 2008 - 2009, capital project, process control support, Develop/implement hot oil system temperature complex control, PUC reactor temperature /pressure complex control, vacuum system complex control, slow-open and quick-close characteristic for specified block valves, their documentation and coordination, DCS staging support, loop test and function test and commissioning including critical control loop PID tuning, and complex control training for operation team; 2007 – 2008, capital project, interface and coordination with local design institute as process role, Support LDI take over preliminary design package, P&ID, technical clarity, thermodynamic data support to LDI, align LDI engineering practice with Air products practice, technical review quotation with LDI scope, nitrogen and steam system review, piping work support.2009, plant commissioning andhttp://www.ageofconan.pl

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