Sunday, March 14, 2010

Research on the Radio Coverage Planning of GSM-R in High-speed Railway Environment

Three types of widely used radio redundancy coverage schemes are thoroughly inspected in terms of system reliability,disaster recovery,frequency utilization efficiency,anti-interference ability and the impact on handover.This comparison provides a theoretical basis for engineering design in the choice of a redundancy scheme.Path loss modeling for several typical environments is done using Hata model in high-speed scenario.Cell coverage radiuses are calculated with different base station antenna height satisfying train control needs.On this basis,the formula for calculating the length of overlap zone is derived,which provides a way to research the impact of train speed,length of handover zone,handover margin and handover time on the overlap zone.Lengths of overlap designed for different maximum speeds are compared with results derived from C/I requirement,proves the former is better in C/I ratio. Finally,the distance between the base stations is planned and compared with the required minimum distance imposed by the error free period(Qos parameter),which leads to the conclusion that small and medium-sized city is not a suitable environment for high-speed trains.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Shanghai Tropical software and technology corporation.

Where there's a will,there is a way. Wish to improve myself and do everything better. Speaking fluently english and being familiar with operating computer. High ability to work Lacoste Polo Shirts and my Cheap Lacoste Polo Shirts is also strong.

Executive Assistant :to assist CEO and Lacoste Shirts to finish daily work ,for inside office work such as employ ,carry out internal rules and regulations and the order work appliance and maintenance of the equipments ,flight tickets ,arrange cars and hotel,also pigeonhole and clear up the office files ,besides every month do basic account report statistic and distribution.For outside work i konw the basic procedures of transacting foreign employment visa ,applying licence and attending annals.Translate document which we need. Cooperate with manager to set work with other departments. Act as a HR also,shortlist suitable candidates for different positions and set up interviews' schedule. Report Directly to: CEO,COO Achievements: Help company do HR searching and hire new employees of different Department,including software Engineer,Ui ddeveloper,product manager,writer positions.
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TRID Medical Instrument LTD

- To provide efficient & timely support with high quality to General Manager in daily work-Help superior on calendar, schedule appointments and coordinating arrangements effectively-Organize internal or external meetings;-Take phone calls and messages;-Provide cheap polo shirts and cost ralph lauren polo shirts service to superior;-Monitor work assigned by General Manager, ensure that deadlines are met based on the plan;-Handle all sensitive and confidential information and cheap ralph lauren polo shirts etc in appropriate way.

Responsibilities and Achievements:
1、Keep good relationship with European and American Clients. 2、Assist marketing manager to find new clients.
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Beijing Jilihua Furnitur Co.Ltd

Responsible for managing whole daily administrative work of company (including the administrative support work of private business club ).Participate in establishing administrative manage system and implementary plan of company, also supervise the executive circs of polo shirts.Responsible for human resources management, including recruiting, training staff, social security and personnel file management.The company is agent of Lladro porcelain, which is a very famous luxury brand of ralph lauren polo shirts, I responsible for following the whole import and customs application work of lladro porcelain, and participate in plan the events of promotion and media appreciation of Lladro in the private business club.Manage client database of company, assist sale department to collect and analyze the sales of cheap ralph lauren polo shirts, supervise and inspect each monopolization shops.Negotiate and communicate with Italy company independently ,and import and sale millions Italy furniture successfully.
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Hangzhou Normal University

To obtain a full-time position with opportunity to utilize piano and liberal arts education, Chinese Teaching Certificate, DELF French language Certificate, French conversational skill, and management experience, in the field of Art, Design, Education, Communication, Relation public, chi hair straightener. Desired Location is Shanghai.
Career Objective:

-Cooperating with the administration committee of the World Leisure Expo to explore the chi straightener market in Hangzhou.-In charge of the musical and artistic activities of multicultural exchange with Europe and American.-Organizing the next World Leisure Expo Hangzhou, and the 2009 Asian/Oceania Folklore Festival with chi straighteners. A versatile and adaptable professional in culture and art, with considerable experience in piano teaching, Chinese teaching, Chinese-French interpreter, media PR, project manager, and customer service etc. As a published author, my graduate thesis on movie music is maintained in the periodicals of Strasbourg Library. I have excellent communication and cross-cultural skills, speaking three languages fluently.
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Friday, March 5, 2010


3 years sales support & customer services experience;Quick learning, easy going, Passionate with good sense of responsibility; Able to work under great pressure; Can work independently well

1. Deal with the inquiry from both direct clients and agents; 2. accroding the travel agent's cheap straighteners; 3. Issue payment breakdown after confirmation of booking and chase payment from travel agent in time; 4. provide detailed chi pink dazzle to finance department when receiving the bank-in slip from the agent; 5. Provide necessary training to the OP from the newly developed agents; 6. Send the the promotion plan timely to respective agent; 7. Coordinate with the newspaper/ magazine, join the road show and provide sponsorship for more media chi hair straightener; 8. Laise with sales manager, marketing dept. and advertising agency for ad., theme plan abd draft confirmation.

1. Handle the inquiries from the client and the agent; 2. Arrange survey, packing & delivery and ensure the correct instruction is made to operation; 3. Keep contact and assistance with clients during their moving process; 4. Coordinate with shipping forwarder/ shipping line for space booking; 5. Prepare the shipping and customs documents; 6. Issue invoices in Move Management System and send invoices in time; 7. Set up files for every job and maintain and update client’s file and information.